Day 5: Explosions, Asteroid Size, Controls

Development time: 1 hour (plus ~30 minutes saved by copying the explosion images)

I added some random scaling to the asteroids so they weren't all the same size, and then adjusted the torque applied to each body to account for the size (since applying the same torque to smaller asteroids would make them spin like crazy).   I also noticed that when the ship and asteroids get destroyed they just disappear, so I found an explosion effect from another game I had.  I found the sprite sheet for the explosions I made in MMXLVII, copied it over, and then scaled the size of the explosion to match the size of the asteroid that just blew up.  I also re-used the same explosion animation for when the ship blew up.

I generated all of the icons and all of the preview screens at each required size.

I wired up the event listener for key events and then handled left arrow, right arrow and space bar.  Now on the simulator left arrow, right arrow and space can be used to control the ship.  It feels OK enough for desktop use.

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