Day 6: Audio, Energy Bar

Development time: 1.5 hours

I opened all of the background audio tracks in Audacity and reduced the volume, they were all pretty loud for background music.  I exported the new mp3 files at constant bitrate of 128 kbps, which is sufficient for a game background track.  On average the new audio files went down to 50% of their original size.

I added a move() command to libraries/starfield.lua and call it from scenes/game.lua whenever the player ship is moving, creating the effect of the stars moving opposite to the movement of the ship.  I think it makes the game look more interesting.

I created a new energy bar at the bottom of the screen and made it go down with each tick of the game.  Firing the ship laser also uses the ship's energy and makes the energy bar go down.  When the energy bar reaches zero, the ship explodes.  So far there is no way to earn more energy - it can only go down.

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