Day 3: Settings, Background Music

Development time: 45 minutes (plus ~1 hour saved by copying db.lua)

I copied libraries/db.lua from Wabbit Wars and re-used the code that would save some settings in a local sqlite database.  I changed the tap event handlers in the menu into touch event handlers so the object's alpha could be lowered in touch start and restored on touch end, because I like the effect.  I'm still thinking about how to change the game controls. 

I went on SoundCloud and found a few background tracks, all available for commercial use:

  1. CC-BY-3.0 
  2. CC-BY-3.0 
  3. CC-BY-3.0

I also thought that the starfield should be moving, and layered for parallax effect.  I read through this tutorial: Endless Scrolling Background

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