Day 2: Create The Project Files

Development time: 1 hour

I created a new project in Eclipse and imported all of the source files into it.  The organization of the project was fairly flat so I created a few new folders: "scenes", "libraries", "images" and "sounds".  All original images, scenes and sounds were moved to the appropriate folders.  

I also copied all of the icon files from Spiky Swim over to this project as an easy way to remember all of the new icon sizes I would need to create.  (You could also read Apple's docs and Google's docs).  Apparently this is about to be "the old way" of putting icons into a project, so if you're a Corona developer reading this, you will also want to read:

I created a file "libraries/runtime.lua" and moved the sound loading and sounds playing code into that file.  I'll use runtime.lua as a way to hold game globals as explained in this post about avoiding global vars.  The game was loaded into the simulator again to make sure it still ran.

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